The South West is such a magical place, especially a small town of Mesilla, New Mexico an enchanted little village with a Plaza in the center. The plaza has many events through out the year. This time of year is the Dia de los Muertos the day of the dead. It’s a celebration of loved ones that have passed on they are remembered by there beautiful alters in there memory. With there colorful flowers, loved ones pictures and painted skulls one could only get mesmerized by this festival.

There are also local artist that also celebrate Dia de los Muertos in there art, it’s spectacular. I came across several booths that stood out to me. The first booth was Yolanda’s (nuchucoart) artist booth. Her painting where alive and full of color and expression. I had a blast taking her photos of her work.

As I walked down I discovered another artist that stood out with her beautiful illustrations. I got pulled into her booth of mystery and imagination. Francella is the creator of art by Francella she is amazing.

Another booth caught my eye also with his bright colors and super cool take on the southwest is Roman Martinez Design.

As my husband and I strolled around we had to stop off to get some sassafras root beer what a treat. Chuck Wagon Soda is tasty and super refreshing. The staff is super sweet and there soda is as well.

Sassafras root beer in hand we continued the art walk. I came across some more talented folks with such passion for Dia de los Muertos. The next stop was Candy L painting. One of her paintings really spoke to me. Madam Tarot Card what a beautiful painting.

Our next stop was a beautiful jeweler and glass sculpture creator. Michele Parlee Art is an amazing artist, I am in love with her super creative necklaces inspired by Dia de los Muertos and the southwest. Our stroll continued we came across another artist that made elegant lights made of steel. Beautifully constructed by hand and a great addition to a southwest home. It was almost 4:00pm and we needed to take a seat for the Dia de los Muertos performance. We took a seat in the grass the plaza was filled with excitement and anticipation. As we sat waiting for the performance to start my photographers eye started to kick in. I noticed the lady’s getting ready for there big performance. Ninos and Nina’s playing before there performance and instruments wanting to be played. At last it was time for the performance not knowing what to expect it was fascinating. The dancing, the comedy, and the interaction with the crowd was very entertaining to say the least. I was in love with it all.

At the end of the show all of the performers grabbed the picture of there loved one. It was fantastic to see. Loved ones are never forgotten and there lives should be celebrated. This was a memorable day for me and my husband and we can’t wait until next year.

Until then… thanks for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it. All photo taken by me Pips Ink Photography.


Paige Allsup

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