Pozole, which means “hominy”, is a traditional soup or stew from Mexico, which once had a ritual significance.

Here in Mesilla New Mexico, I found the best tasting pazole located at Josefina’s Old Gate Cafe right next to the plaza in old Mesilla, New Mexico.


A charming Inn that has one of the best cafe’s in Mesilla serving New Mexico classics. They serve breakfast and lunch until three pm on the week days and until four pm on the weekends. I went during lunch time and it was chilly but I still wanted to get the full experience by sitting on the patio. The views are amazing in the distance you can see the iconic Church in Mesilla, people walking by and birds chirping. What a peaceful place!



After drooling all over my menu, I ordered the Pazole, since it was chilly I thought it would be perfect. My waiter Ramon said, that it’s been popular choice today. Once I saw it arrive I could see why it was popular I couldn’t wait to dive in.


Chunks of slow roasted pork, hominy,  and spices. The additional toppings, scallions,  cilantro and a dash a lime. What a perfect lunch on a cool winters day. Taking the first bite was a symphony in my mouth, I couldn’t wait for the next bite.

After talking to Ramon, debating if I should have another bowl. He was telling me that they have live bands on the weekends on the patio. Next weekend you will see me there with dessert, coffee and live band in front of me.


After my lunch feast I started to walk around, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with all the charm that this Inn has to offer. I want to live in at Josefina’s Old Gate full-time and have pazole for lunch everyday!


I hope you all enjoyed my post on Josefina’s Old Gate Cafe, Inn, La Sala.

Check out there website www.josefinasoldgate.com tell Kathleen Paige sent you.



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