When I think of Italy it takes me back to two memories that stick out in my mind. The first one was when my husband and I ventured into a coffee shop for our morning jolt. We came across a bustling little coffee shop across the way from the Pantheon. We sat down not knowing what to do, so I got up and ordered  us two cappuccino’s. It was fascinating most of the people where ordering at the bar area, enjoying their espresso quickly, and leaving.

My other memory actually was in the same Piazza, a cozy Gelato shop, the smell of waffle cones wafting out of their door. We walked in and I couldn’t wait to try some Gelato, I had pistachio gelato and my husband had chocolate. The best we have ever had!

Now let me take you to present day Gufo di Milano located in the westside of El Paso. Talk about a trip to memory lane, once I tasted there pistachio gelato my mind went straight to Roma. They have there pistachio’s imported from Italy, the smooth yet slightly sweet gelato was best I have had in the states.

They also use italian coffee as well, I decided to try a Nutella cappuccino. The rim of the glass had Nutella all over it, it was the best thing I have had. I can’t wait to take my husband so he can be reminded that we have a piece of Italy as well located in our backyard.

With any coffee shop you have your regulars, if you are a regular of this special place you must be a unique person, who loves the finer things in life and enjoys quality. If you haven’t been here its a must, want a fantastic piece of Italy.


I hope you all have enjoyed my featured businees!






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