There is a special place that captures the essence of Las Cruces New Mexico, it’s called New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum. It’s one of my favorite places to visit they have exhibits, featured artists, farm animals, and everything you need to know about the evolution of farming.

Upon your arrival to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum you will be greeted by the owner of this establishment. He sits beside his companion way up high in the rafters and will peer down at you if you are so lucky.


Once you enter you might be greeted by Donna or another friendly staff member. Once you have paid and received all of your maps, you are ready to go back in time. I recommend going to the left to the Heritage Gallery, where you will literally feel like you have stepped into another time.

Currently the museum is featuring farm and ranching from ancient past to the present in New Mexico. It is quite fascinating to see how the Mogollon farmers lived, the museum has an actual replica of the pit-house. I don’t want to spoil how cool the pit-house is so I am leaving it up to you to see.

After my exploration of Mogollon Archaeology, I stepped into circa 1815 into a New Mexico Colonial Home. I felt at home here it was quaint and full of the south-west charm. I am in love with the white walls and all of the wood accents. When can I move in?

I can see myself sitting by the fire or making some dinner. I can only imagine how hard it was to live without all of the amenities we are used to today. A part of me would like to go back in time with a pen and a pad of paper and take notes of what life was like. My imagination wondered as I walked through the house.

I walked out into the court-yard, what an amazing space. The hanging chiles, garlic, corn and Kiva Fireplace. I could see myself with family enjoying the outdoor space. I am in love.

I went around the corner to the Wheels & Gears section, lots of history on how our transportation has evolved. It’s a must see to check out our history and pay respect to the men and women whom invented our transportation that we take for granted.


I also fell in love with the 1900-1930 kitchen and living room. I felt like I was walking into my great grandmas home. The only thing I could think about is how I wanted to find my great grandmas recipe book and make myself at home. The Museum also has collectables that you would have seen in this era.



I have always had an obsession with old Mercantile Stores I love how they had everything you needed from food to tools. At the New Mexico Farm and Ranch museum they have a Mercantile Store, it was fascinating to see and so much fun.

There are other amazing exhibits Cowboys and people of New Mexico as well. I wanted to leave somethings for you to go and see for the first time.

On the other side of the museum is the featured artist wall. I love to seeing the art that derives from our area. Connie’s art is beautiful and very unique, a great reflection of New Mexico.

My all time favorite part of New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum is seeing the animals. I am in love with all farm animals. I got to see three baby cows today and heard from the rancher that there are more babies to come. How exciting!



After my visit with all the animals I headed over to see Billy the Blacksmith. He is one fascinating man, he has been a blacksmith for a very long time. Billy does presentation on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Go meet Billy when you have the chance.






I hope you all enjoyed my visit to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum, all of the photos are taken by my company is called Pips Ink Photography.



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