When I think of a Bistro I think of a small bustling restaurant with a quaint outside ┬áseating area. I found a cozy little Bistro with an adorable outside patio amongst antique shops. The patio is shaded by large trees you would have no idea that you where in El Paso. This little bistro’s name is the Magic Bistro, located in El Paso, Texas. It’s hidden gem amongst all the surrounding shops.



I have heard about this little hidden gem and couldn’t wait to go try it. I sat out on the patio enjoying the fresh air and the birds chirping. My waiter was very friendly I wanted to try a south-west inspired lunch. He recommend the smoked chicken salad served with a side of bread. He asked what type of bread would you like banana bread, zucchini bread or pumpkin bread. I am a huge fan of everything pumpkin so that’s what I chose. When my lunch was served I couldn’t wait to dig in. I took a piece off the pumpkin bread it was the most amazing thing I have ever had. The bread was moist, rich taste of pumpkin and bits of walnuts. My smoked chicken salad was super vibrant on my plate, I took a bite and could immediately taste the smoky flavor with a kick of green chile. The chicken salad was quiet refreshing and the sweetness of the pumpkin bread was very complimentary.


I enjoyed my lunch and loved the pumpkin bread so much that I bought a loaf to take home to my husband. I can’t wait to come back and try something new. I met John the owner of this beautiful restaurant he is one of the nicest guys. He has love and passion for his food and it certainly shows.

There is a fantastic indoor seating as well with a cozy stone fireplace. Depending on your mood sitting inside or outside you can’t go wrong with either one. After you are done eating go and check out the antique shop on the other side of the bistro.

If you haven’t been to Magic Bistro you need to make a visit soon. Tell John that Paige sent you.



Pips Ink Photography


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