One of my favorite things that I come across are candles the first thing I do is take the lids off and take a sniff. I have found my favorite candles PRIQ Candles & Gifts. My first candle that I got from PRIQ was my hazelnut latte candle, I definitely want to eat it most days. It smells just like a hazelnut latte, it has a creamy rich smell with a touch of hazelnut.

I got to go behind the scenes with Sara owner of PRIQ Candles & Gifts, I got to see step by step what it takes to make her fantastically smelling candles. She makes soy candles they can be temperamental if you don’t do it right. I had such an amazing time watching Sara beind my lense do her magic it was a very peaceful experience. The end result is the best smelling candle you will ever smell in your life.

Below are pictures I took while being walked through the soy candle making journey.



IMG_8531IMG_8540IMG_8544IMG_8546IMG_8550IMG_8554IMG_8566IMG_8648PRIQ Candles are made with love, they have campfire marshmallow wich is perfect for our cold days. I got this one for my mom nice she is a huge fan of marshmallows. They have a couple new scents coconut lime, amber and vetiver. They are all so wonderful, with one sniff you will be taken to another world. Love their candles and I hope you love them too.

Reach out to Sara and get you’re new year off to a good (smelling) start. Tell her that Paige sent you.

I hope you enjoyed my featured business until next time



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