IMG_0124.jpgPassion is a powerful emotion “love” is what I think about. I met a flower farmer that has a passion for her farm. Her name is Susannah Calhoun, she has love, care and a creative eye. She took me around the farm and it is absolutely fantastic. Currently the flowers are sparse due to the winter season. But getting ready for the spring is right around the corner.



Susannah showed me where all the magic happens. I could feel the creative juices flowing. As I was taking pictures she was creating a boutiques, we captured it by video and as photos as well. All of a sudden I look around my camera and she is done. Perfection, detailed and skilled are these words I would use for Calhoun Flower Farm.

Calhoun Flower Farm is offering sage bundles, custom pots, and custom mugs.


IMG_0415.jpgI am looking forward to more shoots and the spring, I love flowers! Here are some more pictures of our day.


How to order these beautiful boutiques especially in time for Valentines day.

Contact Susannah Calhoun at tell her that Paige sent you.

I hope you enjoyed my blog!



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