There are several things that are important to me a good cup of coffee and a great breakfast. Anyone can scramble an egg and make folders coffee. When you can perfect a smooth coffee blend and prepare a fantastic one of a kind breakfast, I am in… Nessa’s Cafe located in Las Cruces does that every time. They have fantastic coffee, baked goods, breakfast, and lunch. The muffins are extremely creative and tasty, apple cinnamon was my choice with a cup of coffee. Everyone at Nessa’s so really friendly, they make you feel right at home.



Whats next for me… I think I would like a latte, and a Quiche and something sweet.

IMG_5192Lets get to lattes, one for my friend Maria too.

I am a complete sucker for Quiche and todays Quiche was a combination that really excited me. Buffalo Chicken! The tender flaky crust loaded with mouth-watering chicken. Sign me up for four more.  It was accompanied by fresh fruit and a side of ranch, a total slam dunk it my book.


That’s not all folks I wanted more… oh my what do we have here. Freshly baked blueberry bread with fresh blueberries and cream cheese. Wow, I am in love!


Trust me you can’t go wrong with anything that you order. Whatever you are in the mood for Nessa’s Cafe has you covered.

I hope you enjoyed my photography blog, until next time.



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