All through out my childhood passed down from my great grandma was the importance of using an Italian olive oil. We had to buy the best of the best for our dinners, it made a huge difference. Growing up I remember fresh vegetables sautéed with a little bit of Italian olive oil and salt, sometimes the vegetables were topped with a balsamic, next up was a large pot of spaghetti with sausage & meatballs. Our typical Italian dinner.


As I developed my own cooking style I became in love with the flavored oils and vinegar. My favorite combination is lemon olive oil and grapefruit vinegar tossed into a spinach salad with feta cheese and candied pecans.


When I left Southern California I also left my favorite olive oil store, I noticed that something was missing in my life when I ran out of my favorite olive oils and vinegar. What to do, should I order online?

Lucky for me, in my favorite town Mesilla, NM there is a fantastic little shop, Rustic Olive de Mesilla. It’s the most adorable adobe house quaint and cozy.  They sell exactly what I am looking for all the olive oil choices lemon, garlic and Italian. Don’t forget the vinegar’s raspberry, grapefruit, strawberry, champagne pear, the list goes on and on.


There so many to choose from you can sample any flavor before deciding on which ones you would like to bring home.




There is so many things that you can do with vinegar, at Rustic Olive de Mesilla they have a chocolate vinegar that you can drizzle over strawberries, you can make any type of salad dressing, or top drizzle on top of your meats. The possibilities are endless!

At Rustic Olive de Mesilla they have PASTA some imported from Italy and the local favorites from Texas with a New Mexico inspired “hatch” chilis addition. They have local spice blends perfect to make a dipping sauce for french bread or to add to your fish or chicken.


They also sell, soaps made with olive oil, scented to perfection and smooth to the touch. There are also a couple of local artisan’s handmade cutting boarded inlaid with turquoise,  local pottery, and jewelry for sell.


It’s a perfect place for a unique New Mexico inspired gift as well for the foodies out there. I know that I would love a gift from the Rustic Olive de Mesilla. If you are a foodie like me you will love this place. Go check out the Rustic Olive de Mesilla, located in Mesilla, NM. Tell the owners that Paige from Pips Ink sent you.



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