Williams Clay + Co

Artisan, a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves things by hand also known as a craftsman. I met a true artisan, Blake Williams, his company is Williams Clay Company, he makes every piece of pottery with love and technique.

Throwing Pottery is the process that Blake uses to make his works of art. It is quite the meditative process, simply watching him almost put me in a trance. Making clay pottery is a long process it takes a lot of time to set before going to the next step so that the end result is perfection.


We can’t forget about Blake’s creative assistant, Tuesday she brings another level of excitement to the studio, she is a fantastic addition.


Williams Clay Company works with such companies as Calhoun Flower Farms making vases and pots and Milagros coffee mugs.


He has made so many unique pieces that are amazingly beautiful and creative. Take a look at what he has available.

IMG_7940-2.jpgChakra BowlsIMG_7969-2Fermentation CrockIMG_7987-2.jpgCreamersIMG_8041.jpgBeer SteinIMG_8044.jpg

If you want to purchase any of these items contact Blake at williamsclayco@gmail.com

I hope you enjoyed my featured business!




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